On National Doctors’ Day, Cancer Survivor Tahira Kashyap Shares A Thank You Note

Tahira Kashyap with her doctors. (courtesy tahirakashyap)


  • Tahira Kashyap was diagnosed with cancer in 2018
  • She shared a picture from her last chemotherapy session
  • “Big thank you to my doctors,” wrote Tahira

New Delhi:

As India celebrates National Doctors’ Day on Wednesday (July 1 every year), filmmaker and cancer survivor Tahira Kashyap shared a throwback picture along with the doctors that treated her. In her post, Tahira revealed that the photograph happens to be from January 5, last year – a day she “can never forget” – from her 12th and last chemotherapy session. Tahira added that if it weren’t for the coronavirus pandemic, she would have visited her doctors with a box of chocolates. “I never knew Doctors’ Day even existed earlier, but my recent health ordeal has made me value all of them so much,” Tahira wrote in her note.

A grateful Tahira Kashyap wrote: “This picture is from the day of my 12th and last chemotherapy session! Can never forget the date. January 5, 2019. The cotton swab on the shoulder blade is of the port. And the nurse in green is holding a box of chocolates that I had shared with them all, expressing my sincere gratitude! Big thank you to my doctors especially Dr Mandar Nadkarni. Had this COVID-19 situation not been there, I would have paid a visit to the doctors and nurses with another box of chocolates who really take care of all of us!”

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Tahira Kashyap revealed that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in September, 2018. On National Cancer Survivors Day (celebrated on the first Sunday of June), Tahira posted a note about loving her “faulty, imperfect, blemished” self.

A small something I have written…. #nationalcancersurvivorsday . . Some scars are deep, some within, Some are seen while some are hidden. The thing about scars is , it reminds you of the past, The moments of suffering that you thought would forever last. But there’s more to these Goddamn scars, They are Secrets hidden far away, just like the stars. It’s the Truth which you don’t see with the naked eye, Oblivious to the functioning of the world, a blatant lie. But hear me, there’s more to this scar, It talks also about the fight, the resilience and your invincible power. My love and respect to those who fought, The treacherous battlefield that Few crossed while some got lost. But the thing with this health karma is that everyone is a winner, For it’s the fight that counts whether you an expert or a beginner. The fight with cancer is not just physical but also mental, Some battles are more tough to conquer especially if they are internal. But hear me again, we all have that fighter which has the universe’s might, The indomitable spirit that can’t be crushed by any fright. Hide not your scars my love, Show them, flaunt them, just like your bright smile, soothing to others eyes, And when you do that time and again giving people nowhere to run and hide, they will have to fall in love with your badge of honour, your prize. So hear me one last time, Fall in love with your self, All with dust, scar and grime. For that’s what make you, YOU Faulty, imperfect, blemished but all true! Lensed by @atulkasbekar who captures the soul! Thank you for this

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Filmmaker Tahira Kashyap, who is married to Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana, has directed short films like Pinni and Toffee. The latter was screened at the 30th Cinekid International Film Festival, Amsterdam and at the 14th Bahamas International Film Festival.

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